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The other side...
11 October 2008

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My dirty hand
8 December 2006

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14 November 2006

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10 November 2006

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9 November 2006

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5 November 2006

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Long way journey
31 October 2006

Recent Comments

bet365 on Kate 2009 #04
great portrait. BRAVO

Helodie on Juliett #23
this serie is beautiful, black and white is nicely done, and the result is perfect, so sensual.

Helodie on [ what do you want dude...huh? ]
really cute. Tones are great !

Helodie on [ vampire kitty ]
great capture :)

Helodie on carnival in venice
great atmosphere !

Helodie on untitled 08
beautiful serie, very creative portfolio !

Helodie on Kate 2009 #04
beautiful portrait !

micke bergling on Kate 2009 #04
Love this portrait...well done

Ghezelayagh on Kate 2009 #04
Wow, Really nice portrait.

Curly on Kate 2009 #04
I have to agree, her eyes are very alluring.

dideban on Kate 2009 #04
beautiful eyes

JanWalcjak on Kate 2009 #04
Nice! ;-)

Fade ToBLACK on Kate 2009 #03
Great shot Wonderful eyes

Patri on liquid smoke 02
I love this sesion!!!!the fomrs that do you do??I love it...really =)

Patri on Kate 2009 #02
beautiful portrait

Patri on Kate 2009 #03
wow...that eyes...!!! :)

Rags on Kate 2009 #03
Cool and sensual.

PD on Kate 2009 #01
fantastic shot

Abraham Siloé on Kate 2009 #02
very nice portrait, great shot, like it, good work! hope you visit my photoblog! greets!

Louis Hebert on Kate 2009 #02
great depth of field and what flawless skin. Nice exposure and strong eye accent.

Curly on Kate 2009 #02
This tight crop works very well, love the smooth skin tones too.

JanWalcjak on Kate 2009 #01
Very, very nice shot! ;-)

Curly on Kate 2009 #01
This is my favourite image today. The high key portrait is good enough to win the hearts of any advertising agency, and ...

Nemi on liquid smoke 03
This is pretty intresting! :)

omidvahabzadeh on liquid smoke 03

Eldiablo on Juliett #35

Stef67 on Juliett #35
d une douceur infinie, splendide^^

Fade ToBLACK on Juliett #35
Lovely photo

tym on Juliett #32
is this really a 4 second shot? love the tone.

Stephen Berk on Juliett #34
I thought this was monotone until I saw the teal garment.

Eldiablo on Juliett #34
super framing ********

Stef67 on Juliett #34
subtile et remplie de douceur, superbe ^^

hamid on Juliett #22
nice shot

hamid on Juliett #28
very good

Vanilla Wine on Juliett #32
Beautiful shot

A.Hadri on Juliett #33
nice shooting, i like color.

Eldiablo on Juliett #32
superb +++

JanWalcjak on Juliett #32
Beautiful shot! ;-)

dan on Juliett #31

masoud on Juliett #31

Eldiablo on Juliett #31
superb ! it seems INGRES ! ***********************

Ana Lúcia on Juliett #31
Marvelous image, well done!

rem_la on Juliett #30
j'aime ces mains posées négligement !

Ram on Juliett #29
Lovely Composition........ Extremely good.

Daniel Herrera Erro on Juliett #28
very good.-

Eldiablo on Juliett #28
what a picture! fantastic job on light! bravo!

Stef67 on Juliett #28
magnifique série, tout en sensualité et volupté avec pudeur, superbe travail ^^

Eldiablo on Juliett #27

md.Hafiz on Juliett #26
great fine art. thumbs up

peter on Juliett #26
wow! a wonderfully sensual portrait!

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